When you’re stranded on the side of the road with a broken-down car, your first instinct is probably to do what you can all on your own and see calling a professional as the last option. While there is nothing wrong with DIYing it, there’s a time and place for everything, and there are certain projects that should only be carried out by a professional – towing vehicles being one of them.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should only rely on a professional towing Vancouver company like Aria Towing for your vehicle.

Ensure The Safety of Others & Yourself with Professional Towing Vancouver

Towing is more dangerous than it looks. A poorly secured car coming loose can easily harm others if not attached properly. In addition, a professional will know exactly which precautions to take in order to not be a hazard for other drivers and pedestrians.

A Wide Range of Necessary Equipment

Towing isn’t just about attaching a chain to two vehicles. The professional team at Aria Towing has an expansive range of proper equipment, backed by the knowledge and expertise to use it the right way. Whether you have a luxury or antique car that requires a flatbed truck, or your car tow requires various accessories for safe transport, we know exactly how to get you and our vehicle from point A to point B.

No Risk of Damage 

If you attempt to DIY-tow a vehicle with your truck, you risk damaging the transmission when overbearing it with more than it can handle. Tow truck companies have equipment and accessories suited to the unique demands of the situation, so you can rest assured that the prized possession that is your vehicle, gets transported safely.

Safe Transport & Driving

With a vehicle attached to your truck, driving can be a challenge and a dangerous one at that. Your vehicle has now doubled in length and accelerating and decelerating becomes much more challenging, requiring superior precision. With towing Vancouver that is assisted by a team of experts, we can guarantee that with our years of experience navigating highways and tight streets with (sometimes) multiple towed cars, we are well-versed in a variety of situations.

If you’re ever stranded on the road with a broken-down vehicle, or find yourself locked out of your car or out of gas, get in touch with us at Aria Towing. Our towing Vancouver service is aimed at simplifying your life and ensuring your safety, regardless of the complexity or severity of the situation.