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Mishaps happen. You didn’t notice you were low on gas and forgot to load up before your big trip, or you simply ran out of gas on the road while running errands and you are stuck with an empty tank. You may also be a commercial truck driver on a long-haul delivery, having forgotten to fill up your tank all the way to the top, left unable to do your job. Whatever the case may be, Aria Towing has the solutions to your roadside problems.

Our goal is to get you back on the road within minutes of our meeting and get you well on your way. After we deliver your fuel, we recommend filling up your tank at a nearby gas station to make sure you don’t run into a similar problem on your way to your final destination.

24/7 Dispatch

(604) 773 – 1090

Anytime towing & roadside assistance 

What type of fuel do you need?

Once you call us, all you have to do is let us know your exact address or whereabouts, and the type of fuel you need. We provide a wide variety of fuel and we are sure to have the fuel your car requires to run properly.

Where are you located?

No matter your location, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a wide range of roadside assistance and towing services. We will deliver the exact fuel your vehicle needs no matter where you are, whether you are stranded outside of the city or within arm’s reach on one of Vancouver’s roads.

Don’t have time to stop for gas?

When in a rush and don’t have time to look for a gas station and stop to fill up, you can have us deliver your gas, regardless of your location. We deliver fuel anywhere in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. This is a smart solution when the situation calls for fast action, whether you are on a working delivery and don’t have time to waste or have an important event or commitment to get to.


Our technicians will liaise with you to determine whether your vehicle can be repaired on the road. Roadside repairs will be subjected up to some hours of labour. The service does not cover the cost of any spare parts required during the repairs If your vehicle cannot be repaired on the roadside, we will provide free unlimited towing service to the nearest workshop.

If you choose another workshop and the distance between the breakdown location and the chosen workshop is more than 50 km, you shall bear additional distance charges.


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