Battery Jump-Start & Replacement

Car Battery Replacement  & Jump Start

Your car doesn’t ask when the most convenient time is for the battery to die. It can happen on the road while running mundane errands, or during your long-haul trip outside of the city. In the event that your car battery dies, you may not always be lucky enough to find a friend or neighbour to help you jump start. Even with your hazard lights on, it can sometimes be difficult to find someone with jumper cables willing to pull over and help you out.

A dead battery can be caused by a number of issues, from superficial to serious. The most important thing is to have professionals on-the-ready, prepared to help get you on your way. In most cases, if your car’s lights or sounds don’t turn on when your ignition key is on “ACC” or “ON”, it is most likely a dead battery.

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Common Reasons for a Dead Battery

Headlights & Battery

A dead battery can be caused by leaving your headlights on for a significant period of time until you finally return to your car. This can also happen if you played your radio for a long period of time while the car’s engine was off or if the door wasn’t completely closed (as the interior lights stay on). This drains your battery’s power because what keeps the battery charged, the alternator, wasn’t running. Once the car gets jumpstarted, the battery will get charged.

Lack of Use

Lack of use is a large contributor to dead batteries. Either your car was sitting in the garage for a long time without being used while you were away on vacation, or it had been sitting in storage.

Old Battery

A simple reason for a dead battery, is simply that its time has come and it has run its course. A battery’s life isn’t infinite, with a lifespan of between 2 and 5 years before needing to be changed.

Bad Alternator

The alternator keeps the battery charged. A bad alternator can cause a whole host of electrical and operational issues in your vehicle. You will notice this with flickering lights, or trouble starting up your car.

Our technicians will liaise with you to determine whether your vehicle can be repaired on the road. Roadside repairs will be subjected up to some hours of labour. The service does not cover the cost of any spare parts required during the repairs If your vehicle cannot be repaired on the roadside, we will provide free unlimited towing service to the nearest workshop.

If you choose another workshop and the distance between the breakdown location and the chosen workshop is more than 50 km, you shall bear additional distance charges.


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