Wrecker Service

Wrecker Service

If you have been involved in a severe car accident or your car has been damaged to the point where it cannot be repaired or brought back to its original state, our wrecker service will tow away your totalled car from the intersection, roadside or its current destination. This is critical in the case that a driver can’t move his or her car off the road and onto a safe place.

Wrecker services aren’t limited to totalled vehicles, but can also haul away disabled or broken down vehicles. We can also tow away a junk car and bring it to your destination/junkyard of choice.

24/7 Dispatch 

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Anytime towing & roadside assistance

Specialized Trucks

Our wrecker trucks have ease of loading, are incredibly versatile, and can easily haul away various types of broken-down vehicles and scrap metal that a regular hook and chain towing truck cannot tow.

24/7 Emergency Service

Even if you were involved in a highway crash in the middle of the night, Aria Towing is fully prepared to help get your vehicle to where it needs to be. As soon as we receive your call, your whereabouts, and details about the situation, we will gather all of the tools and equipment we need and be well on our way, promptly and efficiently.


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