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Life hands us unexpected moments, and should you be stranded on the road or side of the highway, flatbed towing is sometimes required to haul away luxury vehicles without fear of damage by being dragged away by a traditional tow truck. Traditional towing, unfortunately, can sometimes affect the suspension and alignment of your vehicle during transportation, as your vehicle gets driven over road bumps and potholes.

In stressful times of roadside emergencies or moves, Aria Towing gives you the peace of mind that your valuable asset will be handled with safety, responsibility and respect. Our flatbed towing services pick up your vehicle from any location and drop it off at the destination of your choice. Flatbed towing ensures your vehicle gets towed away safely and does not get damaged in the process of transportation.

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Vintage Cars

Owners of vintage and exotic cars are very discerning towards their vehicles, and at Aria Towing, we treat and care for your car as if it were our own. Some vintage cars have been painstakingly restored back to their original health, shine and performance, and although strong, they still have an element of fragility. Vintage trucks, cars, motorcycles and rare vintage vehicles require special attention and care, especially during transportation (whether to an auto show or repair shop) and towing (if in need of roadside assistance) at any point during the day.

Exotic & Luxury Cars

Luxury and exotic cars are also prized possessions for owners, requiring a meticulous level of maintenance and unwavering attention. During transport, your vehicle could undergo unnecessary damage just by a simple act of carelessness if not handled by experienced professionals. Aria Towing can help you relocate your valuable car to an auto show, a repair shop, or any location of your choice with the highest quality equipment and a skilled hand.


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