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Car Lockout

Getting locked out of the car happens to the best of us. You exit your car and forget the keys in the ignition, on the passenger seat or coffee holder and your car automatically locks itself. This can put a stop to your entire day, whether you were picking the kids up from school, running errands, or on the job with a company car.

In this situation, it is important to resist unlocking the car yourself. Unless you have the proper tools, equipment and experience, you can do more damage than good not only to the windows but the door and locks themselves. At Aria Towing, we have the necessary equipment and experience in unlocking a wide variety of car makes and models safely, efficiently, and without damage.

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Latest Technology

We have the latest car unlocking technology on the market to unlock your vehicle safely and get you your keys so you can get back on the road. Our tools are effective and our techniques and methods are gentle, preventing damage to your locks.

Expert Locksmiths

Our expert locksmiths are trained and highly experienced in unlocking a wide variety of cars, regardless of the make and model. We are committed to going above and beyond your expectations of what top-quality roadside assistance service is all about.

Quick and Efficient

We know everyone is busy. We treat every job and roadside issue as if it were our own, taking the necessary steps and proper care to arrive on-site quickly, without delay and provide fast, effective solutions to your problems. We want you to help you get back to your day as soon as we can, and we are committed to making that a reality.

Our Vancouver car lockout services apply to Vancouver and the lower mainland. You won’t regret having Aria Towing on your speed dial. Give us a call at (604) 773-1090 to speak to one of our experienced operators or would like to seek emergency assistance.

Our technicians will liaise with you to determine whether your vehicle can be repaired on the road. Roadside repairs will be subjected up to some hours of labour. The service does not cover the cost of any spare parts required during the repairs If your vehicle cannot be repaired on the roadside, we will provide free unlimited towing service to the nearest workshop.

If you choose another workshop and the distance between the breakdown location and the chosen workshop is more than 50 km, you shall bear additional distance charges.


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