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A lot of people in Vancouver have an old car in their garage or dedicated parking space that is taking up valuable space and decaying or rusting away. Whether it’s an old family car that you don’t have the heart to get rid of due to sentimental reasons, or an outdated car you no longer have the intention of fixing up, our scrap car removal Vancouver service can easily help you take it off your lot.

Since cars possess licenses, due care has to be taken while dismantling them. It’s essential to ensure that the junk car removal Vancouver process is done as per local rules and regulations. Cars cannot be simply smashed and discarded. When we have received your car, it will be decommissioned at an authorized facility. This ensures that the scrap car is de-polluted and recycled in the right manner, adhering to Vancouver’s standards.

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How Does Scrap Car Removal Vancouver Work? 

The scrap car removal Vancouver is usually a free service, as they are handed over to junkyards in exchange for a small amount of money. Junkyards then sell these car parts to people in need of functioning replacement car parts and if they hold no value, they are turned into scrap metal.

What Do We Tow Away with Our Scrap Car Removal Services?

Our scrap car removal Vancouver services aren’t limited to just old cars. We also haul away old trailers, motorcycles, tractors, small boats, and a variety of other types of vehicles. This service is free since we get a small payment in return for your vehicle. However, if the junkyard or junk car removal Vancouver scrap metal establishment doesn’t pay in exchange for your vehicle, there may be a fee to remove it off of your property. Speak to our team to learn more and find out if this service would be free for you.

Environmentally Friendly Junk Car Removal Process

We ensure the entire scrap car removal Vancouver process, from the moment we arrive at your property to haul away your vehicle, to the moment we drop off your car at a scrap metal facility or junkyard, is undertaken with care towards the environment. We know vehicles are largely responsible for our planet’s pollution, so it is important for us to tailor our junk car removal Vancouver services and every step we take, with the Earth in mind. Effective recycling of vehicles involves recycling more than 90 percent of the vehicle. This causes as little damage as possible and at the same time, also offers value for the parts that have been dismantled and recycled.

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About Aria Towing

We are a towing company based in Delta, BC. Since 2012, Aria Towing has been providing reliable, efficient, trustworthy and affordable towing services Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Towing upwards 300 vehicles per month, we are highly skilled, trained and experienced in handling an infinitive variety of car breakdowns and protecting the environment in the process. Regardless of the situation’s severity, our tow trucks will reach you and make sure you get the high-value service you deserve.

Why Choose Aria Towing for Scrap Car Removal?


Fully Licenced & Insured

We are proud to be fully licensed and insured to provide you with a diverse range of high quality specialized services requiring a unique and professional set of skills.

24/7 Call Centre

Our dispatchers are available 24/7 to answer your calls and arrive at your destination regardless of the time, or auto-breakdown situation you have found yourself in.

Secure Vehicle Storage

We have a vehicle storage area that is secure and fully monitored for your cars, trailers, motorcycles or other small vehicles.

Affordable Scrap Car Removal Services

Budget constraints shouldn’t deter you from seeking the best scrap car removal services. Aria Towing bridges the gap between affordability and quality, offering competitive rates without compromising on the excellence of our services.

Decommissioning at Authorized Facilities

Every vehicle we handle is sent to an authorized facility for decommissioning. This rigorous process ensures that every component of the car, from its metallic frame to its internal fluids, is treated in compliance with Vancouver’s rules and regulations.

Ensuring De-pollution and Recycling

Every vehicle we handle is sent to an authorized facility for decommissioning. This rigorous process ensures that every component of the car, from its metallic frame to its internal fluids, is treated in compliance with Vancouver’s rules and regulations.

Legal Aspects of Scrap Car Removal in Vancouver

The process of scrap car removal is bound by legal stipulations. Aria Towing ensures every vehicle is treated in strict adherence to Vancouver’s rules, ensuring peace of mind for our clients.

Vancouver’s Rules and Regulations

Vancouver has a set of stringent regulations governing scrap car removal. From license decommissioning to environmental considerations, Aria Towing is well-versed in all, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our clients.

License Decommissioning

Cars come with licenses, and it’s imperative to handle them with care during the removal process. Aria Towing ensures that every vehicle’s license is decommissioned properly, in line with Vancouver’s regulations.

The Process of Scrap Car Removal by Aria Towing

Navigating the intricacies of scrap car removal in Vancouver can be daunting. At Aria Towing, we’ve streamlined the process to ensure efficiency and customer satisfaction at every step.

Initial Contact and Consultation

Your journey with Aria Towing begins with a simple call. Our team is on standby to address your queries, provide a quote, and schedule a convenient pick-up time for your vehicle. With our focus on affordable scrap car removal, you can be assured of transparent pricing with no hidden charges.

Towing and Transportation

Our fleet of tow trucks is equipped to handle vehicles of all sizes. Once scheduled, our team will arrive at your location, conduct a brief inspection, and tow away your vehicle, ensuring minimal disruption to your routine.

Final Decommissioning

Upon arrival at our facility, your vehicle undergoes a final round of checks before decommissioning. This involves de-pollution, recycling, and safe disposal, all in line with Vancouver’s stringent regulations.

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