Getting locked out of your car can interrupt your entire day, not to mention it’s a stressful and nerve-wracking experience. Whether you need to get to work or get your kids to school, we know how to get you back on the road, fast with car lockout and car towing Vancouver service.

Call for a Temporary Key

You may be able to get a temporary key. It will help you get inside your car to retrieve your keys. This key won’t be able to start your car, but at least you can get back inside, even with a little wait.

No-Lock Cars

Some cars have a pin pad that can be used to unlock your car from the remote or the door if you don’t have the key. Other cars can get unlocked remotely with a simple call. Other cars don’t lock via the remote if the car sees there is a door open, or the key is inside the ignition. If you have an older car that doesn’t have these benefits, you’ll have to go about it another way. This might get you out of needing car lockout or towing Vancouver services.

Call Roadside Assistance for Car Lockout

If you call us for roadside assistance, we will be able to get you back inside your car to retrieve your keys. We have expert locksmiths with years of experience unlocking a wide variety of car makes and models with the latest technology. The tools and equipment we use are gentle and prevent damage to your vehicle while being effective and quickly getting you back inside your car. We understand that getting locked out of your car can sometimes interrupt your entire day – we know how to do our job quickly so you can get back to your commitments.

Call Aria Towing

If you’ve tried everything and you can’t get back inside your car or you have lost your keys altogether, Aria Towing will arrive at your location and tow your car to the nearest dealership, your preferred repair shop or your location of choice.

Get in touch with us for quick, reliable roadside assistance, car lockout service and towing Vancouver.