Scrap Car Collection & Donation

A safe haven where children can receive expert medical treatment while enjoying the basic pleasures of childhood with their families by their sides, savoring their time together.

Canuck Place is British Columbia’s pediatric palliative care provider for children with life-threatening illnesses. Their team of physicians, nurses, counselors, therapists, employees, and volunteers provide medical respite care, pain, and symptom management, art, music, recreation therapy, end-of-life care, grieving, loss, bereavement counseling, and other services. All at no cost.

Aria Towing

We are collecting scrap car donations and Aria Towing is proud to be a partner with Canuck Children’s hospital to help these kids that need us most.

How We Plan to Achieve Our Vision

Children and families at Canuck Place receive compassionate service and innovative care.  Through collaboration, education, and research, they contribute to improving pediatric palliative care regionally, nationally, and internationally. Aria Towing is honored to be a part of this wonderful community service and help these kids with our love and support. 

Helping Children in Need Requires Willing Hearts

Every day, a group of good-hearted people think of these youngsters and come forward to be a part of the big step. Canuck Place is able to provide free support to families in need thanks to the kind support of our community of individuals, institutions, government, and corporate and community partners. You can be a part of these good causes and donate money to Canuck Children’s hospital if you have a junk or scrap car. We will collect the vehicle from you at no additional charge.

May the Force Be With You

Helping children in need creates a synergy when willing hearts come together. We know you have a good heart and you really want to be part of this noble cause. Your scrap car can help this noble cause and support these children who require our care on a daily basis.


Aria Towing

Let’s work together and be a part to grow as a community and support the care of children that require our love and attention. Your scrap car donation will have a huge impact to help these children.  Give us a call right now!

Aria Towing