Dashboard Warning Signal

Richmond Towing with Aria complements each other as we strive for better service. As we drive, we are busy and barely pay attention to any situation that could potentially jeopardize the entire trip. Do people neglect to check whether their fuel level is low even more than they do when checking their tire pressure? If the few things could have been taken care of ahead of time, emergency fuel delivery wouldn’t be necessary. Pay attention to the dashboard signal on your car. This is how you can prevent Richmond towing. Having troubles? Call us and we’ll be on our way. 

The Mighty Check Engine Light

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The dashboard light shows up out of thin air as you’re driving along. An outline of a car’s engine is shown, along with the words “check” or “check engine.” There’s nothing more dreaded than seeing a check engine light come on.

Depending on what it is, it may be serious or silly. When the rest of your automobile is in perfect condition, a faulty gas cap can most likely trigger the warning light. A misfire caused by an internal engine problem can also trigger the light. This can be caused by an increased hydrocarbon emission and the car may stop working and you need to call for Richmond Towing right away. 

An Indicator of Tire Pressure

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The low tire pressure light appears when the tire pressure is really low. You should get your tire pressure checked right away if this happens. Low tire pressure may be felt also while driving. Always look for signs that indicate low tire pressure. 

Warning: Engine Temperature

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A pop-up message like this means that your engine has overheated. There are a number of reasons this may happen, but it is probably caused by your coolant (commonly known as antifreeze). You need to get this resolved as soon as possible to prevent further damage. You might have to call Aria for your Richmond Towing if things get worse. 

What Does Your Oil Light Mean?

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It indicates that your car’s oil pressure system is malfunctioning from this image. A light on the indicator indicates that there is no oil pressure, which means the lubrication was lost. Recheck the oil pressure and level immediately.

Can You Drive With ABS On?

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Anti-lock braking systems keep your tires on the road when you are braking, and ABS stands for anti-lock braking system (ABS). The ABS warning light will come on if it is not functioning properly while you are driving. You still have brakes, but if you make an emergency stop, the ABS might not engage. In the event the ABS light remains on, you must take your vehicle to a mechanic right away.

How Far Can You Drive With Low Fuel Indicator?

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In the newer car, it shows how many km you can actually drive, but If the low-fuel indicator comes on, you shouldn’t put too much faith in that number, just as you shouldn’t be swayed by your instrument cluster’s “kilometers remaining” display: both readings are only approximate. If you are looking for emergency fuel delivery in Richmond, get in touch with our dispatcher. 

This Is An Indicator of An Airbag

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This light indicates that the Supplemental Restraint System of the vehicle is malfunctioning. Airbags themselves are part of the Supplemental Restraint System. A malfunctioning system indicates that one or more airbags may not deploy in the event of a collision if this light is illuminated.

Can We Help You With A Tow?

There can be days when we are unprepared, we wish we had warning signals in our lives. Nevertheless, rest assured that our professional drivers will take care of everything. You can rely on us to provide a smile, no matter the situation. If you are looking for Richmond Towing, give us a call at 604-773-1090.  

Photo by UHGO from Pexels