It’s the new year of 2020, and it’s important to take a look at what we own and start anew. Many people have old junk, pieces of equipment and cars taking up valuable space in their properties. Whether you are afraid to get rid of a car because it holds sentimental value, or simply haven’t gotten around to it yet, Aria Towing can help with junk car removal Vancouver.

What are the rules and regulations?

Because cars have licenses, we take extra care to ensure that the dismantling of your vehicle is done as per Vancouver rules and regulations, because it cannot simply be compressed and discarded. Once we are in possession of your car and it has been lifted off your property, it is decommissioned at an authorized facility which makes sure the car is de-polluted and recycled in the right manner for maximum environmental friendliness.

How does junk car removal Vancouver work?

Junk car removal is a free service. Your junk car gets lifted off your property and handed over to a junkyard, after which Aria Towing will get a small fee in exchange for the vehicle which is what ensures the service remains free. The extra functioning parts of your vehicle are sold to people in need of replacement parts, and if the parts aren’t functioning, they are recycled and turned into scrap metal.

Why should I get my junk car towed?

Do you have tons of belongings piling up in your home, backyard or garage? Over the course of the year, we tend to accumulate stuff that can cloud our minds and lower our productivity. Besides de-cluttering your home, you can also take it outside to your backyard and garage. Organize your toolbox, workspace, your car tools and equipment, and contact Aria Towing to get rid of scrap metal, old non-functioning equipment and junk cars that are only taking up space. Star the new year fresh with a clean, productivity-promoting space.

Get in touch with us if you have scrap metal or a junk car that you would like removed off your property for free. Our junk car removal Vancouver service is free, convenient, and environmentally friendly so you can be sure you are making a minimal imprint on the planet.