Mishaps on the road are unavoidable, whether you lock your keys inside your car, your battery dies, you get a flat tire or you find yourself running out of fuel. Running out of gas, however, especially if you’re out in the middle of nowhere can be a frustrating, scary and incredibly time-consuming experience. If you do happen to experience an empty tank while out on the road, it’s important to know how to keep yourself and those around you safe until you get fuel delivery Vancouver transported to you by a trusted company.

Find a Safe Spot

First, pull over and turn your hazard lights on. Stay in your vehicle with your seatbelt on if you’re on a busy highway, just to stay safe.

Know Your Location

Before you call for help, you need to know exactly where you are so it’s easy for us to find you. Look for intersections or major road signs around you or use your phone for an exact location.

Call for Fuel Delivery Vancouver

If you are not subscribed to us or another roadside assistance company, you can check your auto insurance for an emergency 24/7 roadside assistance number.

Call a Friend

Your next best bet is to call a friend or family member who has a gas-approved container to transport some fuel to you. Make sure it’s not fuel they have had stored in their trunk, and in general, you shouldn’t store fuel in your trunk because it’s highly dangerous. Even gas-approved containers are only designed to carry fuel from point A to point B, not store fuel in hot trunks.

Uber to A Gas Station

If you’ve exhausted the aforementioned options, your next best bet is to Uber to a nearby gas station that has gas-carrying cans/containers that you can buy and fill up. If they do, get a ride there and have it filled up by a professional as filling up containers of fuel by yourself without the experience can be dangerous.

Hopefully won’t be stuck with an empty gas tank anytime soon and won’t need to use any of these options but if you do get stranded, get in touch with us. Save our number on speed dial and know that you have a reliable company on your side for 24/7 fuel delivery Vancouver.