There are more than a few advantages to requesting a flatbed for your towing Vancouver needs, versus a regular hook and chain tow truck.

Protects Your Vehicle

A flatbed tow truck protects your vehicle and prevents damage. Your car stays elevated off the ground so its suspension is completely protected because your vehicle does not have direct contact to the ground so the flatbed absorbs any shock from driving over speed bumps and potholes. Your vehicle is safe from being dragged around and being caused damage from bumps, potholes, swerving cars, tight alleyways and surrounding traffic.

Carries All Kinds of Vehicles

No matter the type of vehicle you have, a flatbed tow truck can transport anything from motorcycles to SUVs and minivans in complete safety. Regardless of a vehicle’s weight or the distance that must be travelled, a flatbed’s secure, flat surface is ideal for any vehicle.

Ideal for Luxury, Vintage or Sports Cars

A flatbed tow truck comes particularly handy for clients with specialty cars requiring towing Vancouver. We are familiar with how much time, money and care the owners of luxury, sports, vintage or antique cars have invested into their vehicles and it’s important for us to make the task of towing as safe and easy as possible. Sometimes even the slightest shift or bump in the road can completely ruin a restored vintage car, for which a flatbed is the perfect solution.

A Fast, Safe Tow

Regular hook and chain tow trucks have to drive slowly because your car is being dragged around to its new destination, resulting in a much slower tow. Regardless of speed, however, this can cause inevitable damage, scratches and a variety of other problems. A flatbed tow truck can carry more than one vehicle without compromising on speed or distance because the fear of a vehicle slipping, moving or being damaged is eliminated.

If you need towing Vancouver services for your vehicle no matter what the type, make and model, or distance being travelled, get in touch with us for a secure, reliable and fast flatbed towing.