Flat Tire Repair in Vancouver

Most of us drive a car every day for our daily chores but frequently fail to check our  tires. Flat tire repair in Vancouver is quite common, but knowing when to change it beforehand will help some unnerving moments. Consider, for instance, going for a trip to Osoyoos during the summer, the entire trip is ruined if something goes wrong with the tires. Although we would be pleased to repair your flat tires, you do not want that moment to happen, do you? 

What is Tread Depth?

Measurement of tread depth refers to its vertical position on the tire from the top to the base of the deepest grooves. Similarly, the rubber in ropes, and the thing that gives you traction, depletes as you drive the tires. Over time, your tires become less effective at grabbing the road.

How to Measure Tread Depth Without Being a Mechanic

In order for your tire to grip and remain secure, your banding depth needs to be checked regularly and be accurately measured. It’s really uncommon to have the gauge handy, however, that would be the most accurate way to measure it. These gauges are available online or at your local auto parts store, and they are easy to use.

The best way to measure your tread depth is to stick the probe into the shallowest groove on the tire, press the shoulders of the probe flat against the tread and then read the result.

If your gauge measurement reads:

  • 6/32″ or higher: The tread depth on your tire is adequate.
  • 5/32″: You should examine your tires if snow-covered roads are a concern.
  • 4/32″: If you drive a lot on wet roads, consider having your tires replaced.
  • 3/32″: Tires need to be replaced. We are approaching their wear-out date.
  • 2/32″ or lower: The tires are legally bald, and they ought to be replaced.

Even if you don’t have a gauge at the moment, do you have any alternatives? 

The Quarter Tire Test

Are you concerned about low-tire tread? Do some digging in your pockets. Flat tire repair in Vancouver would much easier if have some quarters.  Now it’s time to put your quarter to the test. Make sure Queen Elizabeth’s crown is facing down when you insert the coin. You need to replace your tire if you can see the top of the Queen’s crown.

Toonie check

Take your toonie and check every single tire by placing the coin in a tread.

  1. If the tread reaches the paws of the bear, your tires are in great shape and most likely near new.
  2. If the tread covers all the silver parts, it’s about half worn.
  3. If the tread is covering half of the letters, it’s time to start shopping.


Tire Tread Wear Bar Indicator

No change in your pocket? Nothing to worry about. The treadwear indicator bar that’s molded into most tires can also be used to check tread depth. There are bars along the tread grooves in several places on the tire. When these bars become flush with the adjacent ribs, it indicates that the tire has less than 2/32″ of tread remaining. You should replace your tires at this point.

While we would love to be able to come over to any location and fix your flat tire in Vancouver, Aria Towing wants to educate you so these moments never occur.