Wedding Tips & Emergency Towing Richmond

First of all, congratulations! Here at Aria Towing, we wish you a long and happy marriage. Did you get a chance to congratulate yourself or are you stuck on the road? In the month leading up to our wedding, we often make silly mistakes. Obviously, we are here to serve your towing needs in the event of an emergency towing Richmond, but we don’t want to overwhelm you on your special day. It is our pleasure to offer complimentary flowers if you have a car breakdown on your wedding day. 

The Mandatory Car Check

The chances of your car breaking down on the road miles from home or at your destination are rare. Nevertheless, even being totally prepared and proactive does not guarantee that your situation will not come up at some point. Get your car checked before your special day, and don’t let bad luck ruin it.

Fuel Inspection

It seems so obvious, doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t fill up the gas tank of a car before a trip? You’d be surprised to find out that many people don’t. There was one time when a couple was driving to Kelowna with only 4 liters of fuel. Can we imagine?

Do You Know if the Oil Needs to Be Changed?

We find that out of every four vehicles we inspect, one has an unsafely low oil level. Should this matter not be addressed, a breakdown may occur, leading to the failure of the engine and other catastrophic consequences. If necessary, top up the oil in your car if it is below the minimum level.

Tires Must Be Checked

We bet you would not believe what happened yesterday. Among our friends, even one forgot to correct his tire pressure and check pins before driving to whistler. One of our drivers luckily came to help him with the flat tire. Besides general wear and tear, look for cracks and bulges in your tires, as well as their tread depth.

Coolant Is Okay, Right?

For older cars, it is better to have the coolant checked before a long trip since a coolant check should usually be performed every 80k km. If you are going to church or the ceremony, we are sure you will be driving a nice vehicle. But don’t forget what happened in the UK? Take a look at this. Make sure the coolant in your car is at the correct level. Overheating or a frozen engine are the last things you want.

Also, What Else?

Check out our partner in Richmond to get more information about the list so that you can take care of everything by yourself. At Adesa Towing, they have covered all conceivable mandatory checks for your vehicles like spark plugs and all electrical lines. 

What Makes Aria Towing Different 

Consider calling us for a reliable emergency towing Richmond. Our expert tow truck drivers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including on weekends and holidays, to assist you in an emergency situation. 

How Fast Is Aria Towing?

You can count on us to provide fast and affordable roadside service no matter what the situation is. It doesn’t matter whether you have a car tire or a dead battery or a non-starting engine or a shattered alternator.