Keeping your car in pristine condition is an essential part of its regular maintenance routine. It’s common for car owners to neglect their vehicle windows when it comes time to wash their car if they’re doing it by hand. Built-up dirt and bird droppings can dry onto the glass and become extremely difficult to remove, for example, making it important to address any existing issues before they have a chance to do permanent damage. In addition, it can also decrease visibility, making you more prone to accidents and having to call for towing services Vancouver.

Let’s take a look at 4 reasons to keep your windshield and windows clean.

Cleanliness & Aesthetic Appeal

Your vehicle is a good representation of you. A clean, well-kept and maintained vehicle impresses and helps people take you seriously. A clean car reflects the care you put towards caring for your vehicle.

Enhanced Driving Safety

Most importantly, a clean windshield and clean windows offer enhanced driving safety. With dirty windows, your visibility is significantly reduced and makes it difficult for you to spot potential hazards. It creates blind spots and impacts your driving safety, as well as the safety of other drivers and pedestrians.

Scratch & Dent Protection

It’s easy to let dirt, dust and other particles and chemicals build up on your car over time. This can be in the form of sand, dust, salt from deicing chemicals during winter and even other chemicals that come from your vehicle or other vehicles on the road. If not cleaned, this dirt can scratch your windows and especially your windshield as your wipers do their job. If this built-up grime stains your windows eventually, it can be very difficult to lift those stains.

Protection from Lease Issues

A clean car also ensures you don’t have any issues with your leasing provider should any damages take place. When you maintain your car regularly, you’re ensuring that should the time come to return the car, you don’t have to pay anything in damages.

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