Wintertime although beautiful and magical in its silence, can also be a hectic and dangerous time for drivers. If you have broken tools that needed replacing last winter but you never did it, it’s important to go through your checklist and ensure you have everything you need. Having everything you may need during the winter in your trunk can save you headaches and possible collisions, especially while you wait for roadside assistance Vancouver.

  1. Ice Scraper or Snow Brush
    Having these handy is crucial as overnight, you could have a lot of snow piled on top of your windshield and rear window. It’s also possible that while you’re parked, an unexpected dusting of snow could have piled up on your windshield. Even if it’s a little, it pays to have these things handy to avoid getting your jacket sleeve wet.
  2. Shovel
    A small shove will be handy if you need to clear your path to drive, or your driveway before leaving the house in the morning, especially if your car is stuck.
  3. Sturdy Gloves and Some Clothes
    Having an extra pair of sturdy and warm gloves will ensure you do an efficient job when clearing your car of snow. Maybe you hopped in your car to run to the store and didn’t bring your jacket, having some extra layers will be helpful if you need to step out.
  4. Blankets
    Having some extra blankets in your trunk could be helpful for your guests while the heater heats up properly, or if you’re parked. They’re vital for situations in which you get stranded and your car won’t start up, leaving you stranded in a cold car. If you have some blankets lying around the house that are old and don’t often get used, throw them in the trunk.
  5. Emergency Flares
    If you are stuck in a snowstorm, visibility can be greatly reduced, sometimes completely eliminated. having these emergency flares will make sure other drivers see that you are stopped so they don’t crash into you, as well as show them your location if you need help.
  6. First Aid Kit
    Having a first aid kit is vital. It’s an essential car item to have year-round, and in the winter in case your car breaks down and someone is injured. Whether the injury is large or small, you can administer emergency assistance until help arrives.
  7. Flashlight
    If you get stuck on the road at night, you can try to find out the cause of the problem before
    roadside assistance Vancouver reaches you. It can get dark early during the wintertime as days are shorter, so this is smart so others can see you, as well.
  8. Jumper Cables
    If you have jumper cables in your car, you can start up your batteries (they can die much easier during the cold winter weather) and you can also pull up to help other stranded drivers. Without a battery, you can’t start your car, neither can you stay warm.
  9. Snacks
    Having non-perishable snacks like some granola bars or snacks and water bottles can sometimes save your life if you are stuck and stranded on the roadside far from the city centre.
  10. Cell Phone Charger
    We know that nowadays, we are completely stuck without our phones. We rely on them for directions, maps, sending people our exact location, and using videos to fix what’s wrong. Make sure to have a charger in case you’re running low on battery or your phone dies, so you can call for
    roadside assistance Vancouver. It could save your life.

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