Nobody wants to be stuck in a situation where they need emergency towing Vancouver, because it usually means a vehicle breakdown, costly repairs, or a dangerous accident where lives are put at risk. Now, an emergency does not particularly equate to a chaotic, dangerous or life-threatening event. It can also mean a situation in which you were unprepared, didn’t fill up gas and now you are stranded on the side of the highway or had a little bump-in with a fellow driver. When you are prepared with safe protocol and know what to expect, an emergency doesn’t have to be hectic or anxiety-inducing.

What to Do If You Need Emergency Towing Vancouver

If you are involved in a car crash large or small, have locked your keys inside your car and have somewhere important to get to or need a winch out, it’s easy to lose your cool. In these situations, it’s fundamental that you remain calm, and once you have gained control over your emotions, make the call to the towing company. Doing this makes it easier to understand you over the phone because you are thinking more clearly, and helps you answer our questions better, ensuring help arrives fast.

Emergency Towing Checklist

  • Make sure everyone in the car is okay and you are safely parked to the side, away from moving traffic.
  • Turn off the engine, and step away from your car, just to remain on the safe side.
  • If you are dealing 911 and need emergency help, inform them of the injuries you see and if you need an ambulance.
  • Call your go-to towing company, like Aria Towing for fast, reliable towing services Vancouver.

The Most Important Thing

When you have established contact with us, it’s important to let us know which direction you were travelling in, East, West, North or South? Try to let us know of an exact address, if you can’t or don’t know your exact location, try to pinpoint the street, road, or highway.

Aria Towing can provide you with fast, efficient and reliable towing services Vancouver whether you are stuck with no gas, no keys or have been involved in a collision. Call us for 24 hour service.