So, you ran out of your home in a rush while on the phone, sang along to the radio in the car and were running through the million things you have to do for the day, however, you failed to notice that your car was nearing the E signal. Now you’re on empty but you still have to wait for roadside assistance Vancouver to arrive.

Even if now you’re stuck, hopefully, you had enough time to pull over to a safe area instead of being stranded in the middle of the highway or the road while you wait for roadside assistance Vancouver. How do you know when it’s time to pull over? You’ll start to feel the car jerking instead of cruising smoothly, and you will feel that the engine loses power. At this point, you usually have some time to move to the right lane until you have pulled over to the shoulder of the road or highway you have found yourself stranded on.

So, now what do you do until roadside assistance Vancouver arrives?

Once you have pulled over, put your car in park, and turn on your hazard lights.

Call for fuel delivery and roadside assistance Vancouver from Aria Towing. We are on call 24/7 and ready to help you, whatever the situation may be.

While you are in your vehicle waiting, especially if you have pulled over at a high-speed area or highway, keep your seatbelt fastened.

If you don’t have access to roadside assistance, ask a friend to deliver gas to you. Make sure they are using a container approved for gas.

What should you do in the case of an emergency?

NEVER carry gas in the trunk of your car. It may sound convenient, but it’s a fire hazard, it can spill, anyone in the car can breathe in the fumes, and most containers aren’t designed to carry or store fuel. The safest thing to do is wait in your car for help, instead of walking to the nearest gas station. If you are close to one, you can go for it, however, if you are in a remote area, it may be safest to wait.

Get in touch with us if you need roadside assistance Vancouver, fuel delivery, you get locked out of your car or are stuck in an unpleasant situation with your vehicle.