We all know someone that keeps their belongings forever, even when it’s only taking up space. Sometimes you can’t get rid of things because it brings good memories or just because you don’t think it’s time to let go just yet! Aria Towing is here to help you get rid of that car that’s been taking up your garage spot, after scheduling an appointment with our team,  we’ll send professionals to remove your car and you’ll be paid on spot.

How Can I Sell My Junk Car?

The offer is made by phone when you contact us. The service is free and you’ll be getting rid of your junk car and getting that garage spot ready for your new car. Also, our junk car removal services aren’t limited to just old cars. We also haul away old trailers, motorcycles, tractors, small boats, and a variety of other types of vehicles. Here are some other options on how to you can sell your junk car:

Sell Privately 

Selling your junk car privately is a good option unless your car has damages that can not be repaired. Most of the private buyers are selective and will not accept cars that are too damaged. However, if you still think that your car is worth more than what was offered to you, you can always advertise it and try to find someone to pay a higher price.

Sell to a Local Company

Selling your junk car to a local company is a great option! Most of the cars end up here. And that is because local companies are not picky, so they will take almost – if not all – cars. They work fast with professionalism, they have the right equipment and will make it a hassle-free experience for the customer. So if you want to remove your car in a shorter period of time, give Aria Towing a call and we’ll be right there to fix your problem.

Trade It In Or Sell At a Dealership

Some car dealerships accept any car on trade, even if it is junked. They can trade your old car and give you a discount on your new car, though it depends on the dealership and on the condition of your vehicle.

Why Aria Towing? 

We ensure the entire process, from the moment we arrive at your property to haul away your vehicle, to the moment we drop off your car at a scrap metal facility or junkyard, is undertaken with care towards the environment. We know vehicles are largely responsible for our planet’s pollution, so it is important for us to tailor our services and every step we take, with the Earth in mind. Effective recycling of vehicles involves recycling more than 90 percent of the vehicle. This causes as little damage as possible and at the same time, also offers value for the parts that have been dismantled and recycled.

24/7 Dispatch

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Before Removing your Junk Car

Before selling your junk car, you should make sure nothing valuable is inside the car as well as a few things listed below:

  • Remove your personal belongings 
  • Have all the valuable information about the buyer – scrap car company
  • Be sure the buyer of your junked car is licensed 
  • Cancel your cars insurance 
  • Remove the license plate 
  • Be alert to common scams

If you have any questions related to your junk car removal, please contact Aria Towing.