With winter just around the corner, everyone is preparing for Christmas parties, decorating their homes and warming up by the fire, but what about the roads? Driving in the winter should be done with extra caution, and you need to be prepared with a winter emergency kit and know what to do if you’re waiting for roadside assistance Vancouver on the side of the road.

Winter Emergency Kit

Your winter emergency kit should include some essentials particular to winter, but some that can also be used all year long. You may include multiple blankets, a small shovel, an ice scraper, ice melt, kitty litter, a flashlight, multiple batteries, a first aid kit, booster cables, an extra phone charger which can be plugged into your car, some warm fuzzy socks and some snacks which will keep well in the car. This is essential to have when the colder months come around.

Have Extra Fuel

Make sure to have some extra fuel in the car, in cause you get stranded with an empty tank. In any case, you should be regularly checking your tank every time you head out and making sure you are full, especially prior to longer trips.

Notify Drivers with Cones

It’s a good idea to make sure drivers know you are stranded or broken down before they get close to your car. Flares will eventually go out, so reflective triangles or flags will work much more effectively in notifying drivers that you may need help, giving them time to adequately slow down before they approach you.

Call Aria Towing for Roadside Assistance

The first thing you need to do if you are stranded and can’t fix the issue is call roadside assistance and get help on the way. Trying to fix something you know nothing about may only cause more trouble and more delay.

Get in touch with Aria Towing’s 24/7 roadside assistance Vancouver service. No matter what the issue you are faced with on the road this winter, we have your back!