The owners of motorcycles are usually people who have an exponential appreciation for their bikes. They regularly take them out for rides and take great care in their regular maintenance and upkeep. As fantastic as it is being unlimited in where you can go, the vulnerability of riding a motorcycle comes with its fair share of dangers. You’re completely exposed to traffic and have no barrier keeping you safe should a collision happen. 

In the case of a crash, reaching out to a motorcycle towing Vancouver service should be the first thing you do. Whether you get thrown off your bike, collide with another motorcycle or crash with a vehicle, Aria prioritizes motorcycle calls.

How exactly does motorcycle towing differ from the regular vehicle towing?

We Prioritize it with Immediate Response Time

24-hour roadside assistance is invaluable for motorcyclists should problems occur while on the road. We take motorcycle accidents very seriously and giving people this level of immediate protection is the least we can do.

Whether you need fuel delivered, lost your ignition keys, or have a flat tire, we’re at the ready regardless of the time of day. In cases where you were involved in a collision, we take the extra precautionary measures of bringing a flatbed truck.

Anything can happen, so it’s always best to be prepared. Save Aria’s contact information on your phone, just in case. This is a preventative measure to give you that extra peace of mind and should a problem occur, you can promptly reach out for help. It’s also recommended that you learn about ICBC’s motorcycle safety guidelines.

It Requires Flatbed Towing

Motorcycles are much more fragile than vehicles and can’t just be towed away using a hook and chain truck. A flatbed tow truck will keep it suspended off the ground and secure, away from moving traffic. We secure it down to the flatbed, ensuring it doesn’t move around during transportation for a safe journey to its final destination.

In addition, motorcyclists usually put significant amounts of effort and resources into renovating and maintaining their bikes. You can feel free to request a flatbed or ask us about how we guarantee your bike’s safety during transportation.

If we find the motorcycle in multiple pieces, a flatbed truck will allow us to collect the scrap pieces of metal and deliver them to a wrecker service.

It Gives Riders Peace of Mind

When you’re on the road, traffic conditions, or how you ride is out of our control. What is in our control, is the level of security and the immediate response time we offer you after the fact. What’s most important to us, is that you feel safe should anything happen. You have a treasured and respected role in your family, and it’s our utmost duty to keep you safe.

To learn more about our motorcycle towing Vancouver service, get an estimate or call our 24/7 hotline, get in touch.