Overtime, it’s easy to lose track of the interiors of your vehicle and let things pile up, whether they be empty water bottles, candy wrappers or tissues. While in most cases it’s harmless, bacteria can start to pile up and any food and crumbs left inside can even attract bugs.

To air on the side of caution, it’s smart to take extra care in the daily and weekly maintenance of your car. This can greatly help in lessening the chances of transmitting infectious viruses and bacteria, reducing unpleasant odours and eliminate an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

If you ever start to feel unwell from a fever or any other condition while driving, pull over to a safe spot to rest until you feel better. If your condition gets worse, please don’t hesitate to call us for Vancouver emergency towing so we can tow your car and get you and your vehicle to the safe place of your choice.

Wash Your Hands!

While at this point we have all learned how to wash our hands multiple times a day, it’s still worth mentioning. You should be washing your hands before and after driving, or at least using a disinfectant spray or gel.

Wash between your fingers, under and around your rings, under your fingernails and all the way up to your wrists. If you don’t have access to a sink, use hand sanitizer and always have it ready in your vehicle. Anytime you don’t clean your hands, you are risking spreading germs into your vehicle and any passengers you may drive. Whether you were just at the grocery store or picking your child up from school, it’s critical that you pick up this habit as a part of your daily routine.

Regular Interior Disinfection

Have some disinfectant wipes in your car to regularly wipe down all hard surfaces. The most touched, hard surfaces in your car should be cleaned. Surfaces like the steering wheel, the glove compartment, the shift sticks and the electronic control board should all be thoroughly cleaned!

Special Seat Cleaning

For leather upholstery, use warm soapy water instead of isopropyl alcohol, as that can damage leather. For soft upholstery, use isopropyl alcohol to give seats a quick wipe down daily.

Like mentioned before, if you ever feel unwell or too sick to drive, please pull over for a nap or to take a few minutes to regain your composure before driving again. If you still don’t feel better or your condition worsens, call us for Vancouver emergency towing 24/7.