It happens. You’re driving along and your car breaks down. When that happens, you can either call a friend or hope someone pulls over to help you out, try to fix it yourself (if the problem is simple enough and you have experience) or call a towing company. The latter is usually people’s last resort.

Before calling us for Vancouver emergency towing, there are a few things to know that would make our job easier, aiding in a quick, efficient towing process. Let’s take a look.

Have our number saved

First and foremost and in general, save our number into your phone. You never know what can happen. Your car could break down in an area with no internet, you could run out of data, break your phone or lose it etc… Having our number saved in your phone as well as on a piece of paper in your dashboard ensures you have reliable backup no matter what.

Know your exact location so we can reach you

Sometimes your car will break down in the middle of a highway or a hidden little street or alleyway where an exact address is hard to pinpoint. Use your car’s GPS, if it’s not available or your car doesn’t have one, use your phone’s GPS. If these two options also aren’t available, look around you for certain stores or landmarks. And if all else fails, you can always wave someone down to pull over or ask a pedestrian.

Be ready to explain the condition of your vehicle

We know you’re no mechanic, so even the simplest explanation regarding the state of your vehicle is enough. You can explain any particular sounds you heard before the breakdown, or the colour of the exhaust fumes if there are any. Of course, if it’s a matter of running out of fuel or getting locked out of your car, it’s a quick, easy fix.

We also need to know if your vehicle is parked and broken down, or stuck inside a ditch and requires a winch out. This is all vital information as we have specific tools and equipment we will need to bring.

Tell us any special requests

If you have a motorcycle, you’ll require a different tow truck. In addition, if you have a sports car, luxury car or a vintage car that requires a flatbed for gentle transportation, feel free to let us know.

We might ask about your insurance

If we ask about your insurance, simply let us know the type of coverage you have and your preferred payment method. Know your policy number, the method of payment and the type of coverage your insurance company provides you with.

At the end of the day, our Vancouver emergency towing service is quick, efficient and available 24/7 regardless of where you are or the severity of the situation. It just makes the process smoother and more hassle-free if you know the specifics. To learn more, get in contact with us directly!