When you get back to the spot where you parked your vehicle and find an empty slot, chances are you were one of the lucky few to experience car towing in Vancouver! You probably thought that you would get in and get out in no time, coming back to your car faster than anyone would notice. Either way, to find your car loaded onto the back of a tow truck or worse, to find it gone altogether can be an incredibly stressful situation.

Why is Your Car Gone?

If you’ve ever experienced this, you’re all too familiar with the wave of panic that might take over your body in that very moment. You have to relax so you can think clearly. The two biggest questions are:

  • Why was your car towed?
  • How can you get it back?

The Reasons Why it Was Towed

There are a few things you need to rule out before you go calling the police to register your car as stolen. There are many reasons why your car may have been towed, and they’re not all related to parking violations.

  • Did you block a fire hydrant?
  • Did you park in front of an ambulance loading zone or a handicapped sport?
  • Did you block a public or private driveway?
  • Did you park in a way that obstructs traffic flow?
  • Did you park in an area marked as a tow zone?
  • Did you accumulate unpaid parking tickets?
  • Do you have a driver’s license violation?
  • Are you driving with an expired car registration?
  • Did you abandon your car for more than 72 hours following a car breakdown?
  • Did you park in the wrong area during a snow emergency?
  • Did you miss your car payments?
  • Was your vehicle at a risk of being repossessed?

How Can You Get Your Car Back?

Once you’ve ruled out other possibilities, it’s time to get your car back. First, contact the signage left on your vehicle. If you found none, contact your local police station on their non-emergency number so your car can be traced.

When you get this information, do the following:

  • Find out how much you owe for the tow
  • Grab your driver’s license, insurance card, vehicle registration, cash or a cashier’s check

Got towed? Just get in touch with us and we would be more than happy to help you with car towing Vancouver, as well as retrieval, so you can get your car back asap.

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels