Winter can take its toll on vehicles and if you neglect their care before spring sets in, you might be in need of Vancouver towing services should your car break down. As winter slowly begins to fade away, it’s important for car owners to begin preparing their vehicles for the warmer days ahead. A top to bottom checklist is essential to ensure that everything with the vehicle is in good working order and won’t cause a breakdown unexpectedly while on the road.

Spring is a time for renewal and new beginnings, the perfect season to clean, declutter and cull. Let’s take a look at some things you can do to make sure your vehicle is ready for the year ahead and in the best condition possible.

Scrub & Wash

With plenty of salt and chemical-use during winter, it’s common for cars to welcome spring with built-up salt, dirt, grime and grit. Try using a high-quality car soap and avoid washing your vehicle in direct sunlight while this product is on your car. Why? Because leaving these chemicals on your car while the sun’s heat is beaming down on them will cause the water to evaporate more quickly and leave soap deposits and spots. This can damage your vehicle’s paint job, so go for your car wash either early morning or late evening.


A vehicle’s fluids are essential to the overall function of the car. If your car has remained unmoved of parked for far too long, you should check its fluid levels and in turn, have them replaced by a professional mechanic that you trust. You can check your oil levels, oil filters, brake fluids, power steering and transmission fluids.

Windshield Wipers

Ice, snow, rain and winter dirt like leaves and other buildup and pollution can all take their toll on your windshield wipers. It’s essential that you have wipers you can rely on that won’t blur your windshield or stop working on you during a heavy spring rainfall, just when you need them most.

Tire Change

If where you live is subject to harsh winters, chances are you had your winter tires installed for the cold season. With spring just around the corner though, you’ll want to swap them back out for your regular tires as soon as the weather begins to permanently soften. Why? Because winter tires are much softer than regular tires and wear down much quicker when used on hot pavement. You should also be checking the tire pressure regularly.


Winter can significantly affect your suspension from gravel, salt and small pieces of asphalt. To make sure your car is fully prepared for spring, we suggest a suspension check on a somewhat regular basis.

Cold weather can take its toll on our vehicles so it’s important to take adequate time to maintain your vehicle to avoid needing emergency Vancouver towing services. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling our number – we are available 24/7!